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Time to Get Better

Granville Hand Therapy is offering Newark / Granville patients close to home therapy services specializing in shoulder, arm and hand rehab services

Hand Therapy Helps You Get Better When:

  • You have had an injury such as a crash, burn, cut, broken bone, sprain, strain or dislocation

  • You have pain in your wrist, palm, fingers or forearm

  • You have numbness or tingling in your hand wrist or forearm

  • You have been dropping objects, feeling clumsy, or have weakness

  • You want to maximize your recovery from surgery that involves your hand, wrist, forearm


What is Hand Therapy?

  • Hand therapy focuses on recovering the delicate and complex mechanics of the hand

  • A Certified Hand Therapist, CHT, is an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist who has attained advanced national certification by attaining thousands of practice hours and passing the Hand Therapy Certification Examination

  • Certification is maintained through practice and continuing education or by examination

Can You Treat My Shoulder or Elbow?

  • YES! Hand therapists have knowledge of whole arm, including the shoulder

  • Elbow pain, arm pain, and shoulder pain are common problems we assess and treat

  • We are very skilled in maximizing your recovery after elbow or shoulder surgery

  • We collaborate with specialists to address activity concerns

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Specializing in Shoulder, Arm and Hand Rehab Services

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